Drinking with "Rinzen Kiriko" on a special day

Rinzen Kiriko is transforming the traditional world of cut glass with a new modern approach.
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Top-notch Japanese Rush Tatami Carrying Artisans’ Affection

It has a natural texture with a smooth and soft feel to the touch.
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Jet-black glass handcrafted by skilled faceted artisans

Tradition and Modern Fusion for over 90 years "Kimoto Glass Tokyo".
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A Kimono Revolution

Making traditional Japanese kimonos into completely different fashion style.
Free Shipping for orders over $300.


Connecting Japanese Artisans to Passionate Customers

Featuring select Japanese traditional crafts. Free Shipping for orders over $300


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Why 'ARTISAN' is the best choice for traditional Japanese products.

Sourcing the Very Best

ARTISAN is presented by JTB USA, Inc. and KAZAANA Co., Ltd. Our buyers scour Japan to find the absolute finest products from every corner of the country. Our range has something to suit every budget, every taste and every occasion.

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A Story Behind Each Piece

Each product in ARTISAN's selection is steeped in history, and all have a tale to tell. We highlight the intentions of the craftspeople who create these pieces and the meaning they wish to convey through their art.

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The Origins of Our Products

In Japanese crafts, origin is important; every piece we stock is shaped by the particular location in which it was made. We have partnered with JTB, Japan's largest travel agency, to introduce these incredible places and show how they connect to each craft.


A Bespoke Service

Our range includes many pieces that can be personalized to create bespoke gifts for individuals, companies, or to mark a special occasion. A host of products from knives and chopsticks, to glasses and fans can be given a personal touch with names or company logos. Please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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Your Gifts, Wrapped

As is customary in Japan, we offer a number of high-quality gift-wrapping services. With traditional wrapping using high-quality Japanese paper and thread, gift bags, hand-written messages and even flowers, we have every occasion covered.

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What is the delivery time?

Delivery by air mail typically takes between about 1 and 3 weeks.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is $20 worldwide or free for orders over $300.

What countries can you ship to?

We can deliver to any country or region in the world where Japan Post, FedEx, or DHL can deliver.

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