UKIYO SHOYU-SASHI (TAMAYA), Spice Jar, Container, Edo Glass

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Tomi glass
Tomi glass

This is a soy sauce bottle from the "Tamaya" series of the "Ukiyo" Edo glassware. Produced through a glassblowing technique from the Edo period, it is arranged with a touch of modern taste and features an image of "fireworks" as the culture of the Edo period.

A historic glass factory in downtown Tokyo collaborated with TOMI GLASS to produce hand-blowing glass products piece by piece, while various colors are applied by sprinkling colored glass powder.

The stopper with a spout fits perfectly, making it drip-proof. Enjoy the warmth of this hand-blown glass product!


Manufacturer Tomi Glass
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Edo Glass
Material glass
Size Φ2.36" * H3.26"(Φ6.0*H8.3 cm)
Weight 0.29 lbs(130g)
Capacity 2.37 oz(70ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X,
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)
Tomi Glass area image


Koto: A City with Old and New

Koto Ward, where Tomi Glass is located, lies on the East side of Tokyo. It is a city with a population of about 521 thousand. Numerous rivers run through the city, and one side faces Tokyo Bay: a city rich in water.

It is a city with a mixture of the traditional and the contemporary. While its inland area has an old and traditional feel, the rest of Koto Ward has been developed and modernized. It has actively preserved its old local festivals and performance arts while in recent years, its city planning has promoted sports and art.

The inland has two major districts. During the Edo period (1603-1868); one flourished through the wood industry, warehousing business, and wholesale of rice and oil, and the other developed as vegetable fields. In the era after Edo, much of the city became an industrial zone that contributed to Japan's modernization.

The modern side of Koto Ward developed over the past several years, and it has spread in the area closer to the coast, which holds a few sports facilities, parks full of greens, convention centers, shopping complexes, and cultural facilities to offer a variety of entertainment. The city's population is growing, and the city's development is expected to continue.

Tomi Glass history image


Long-established Glass Production Business

Since it started its business as a maker of glassware for export in 1948, Tomi glass has always strived to create great glassware.

They continued their glass import and export business for many years, making products including ashtrays and ornaments, mainly for India and the Middle East.

Over the following years, the company grew as it also delivered its refined products to the U.S. and Europe. They also took part in many international conventions and fairs. Their products were regarded highly in many places.

In 1990, they switched their business style and started production for domestic sales.

In 2017, they created a new product line called Tomi Craft which exclusively carries handmade glassware.

Today, they produce a variety of glassware based on their bright ideas and leading trends. With their expertise which has been nurtured for over 70 years, they utilize various glass production techniques and continue making exquisite products that people adore.

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Old-time Tokyo Captured in Mesmerizing Tableware

Edo glass is a glassware production that evolved in Edo, old Tokyo (1603-1868). While some glassware was developed with a luxurious tone, Edo glass has always been glassware for everyday people.

The name of the Tomi Craft glasswork series Ukiyo, as seen in words such as Ukiyoe, generally means common people's lives or what goes on in their society, both good and bad. Uki expresses life's 'floaty' and unstable character, and yo means the world.

Glass's characteristic of being fragile yet resilient makes it a perfect material to capture Ukiyo and the essence of people living strong and enjoying a great, yet fickle thing called life.

Each glasswork is designed by sprinkling the color powders selected based on a theme. Then, it will be stretched and shaped by skilled hands. The finalized pieces will add an old-time Edo story to each dish you serve.

Tomi Glass Image used

For Customers

Radiant Edo Essence in the Handmade Glass

Glassware from the Tomi Glass Ukiyo series is made by highly skilled craftspeople and in collaboration with Iwasawa Glass, a prestigious Edo glass company. Each finalized product shows the beauty of imperfection in perfection, unique to handmade work.

Its originality that can never come from factory-made products and the Edo element design inside each piece will make your everyday meal a special occasion.


METI Export Award, 1970

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