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YAMATSU Masayoshi Tsuchimoto
Masayoshi Tsuchimoto

This is a teaset which includes a teapot and two teacups. The design has been streamlined and simplified to achieve an elegant style! The "frustum" is a teaset designed to reconsider the virtue of tea and enjoying teatime in our simple and modern lifestyle today.

The sharp bulge on the teapot, which was inspired by the traditional design often found among the iron kettles produced in the northern part of Japan, becomes the center of attention for this teapot. This originality of design led the teaset to receive the prestigious global design award, 'Red Dot Design Award 2020,' achieving worldwide recognition.

Unlike its stately appearance, the teapot is light yet sturdy and durable. Chose among 4 different sets of colors — "white" and "black" colors have smooth, silky touch of the surface, while "unglazed" and "pale azure" colors have matte finishes.


Manufacturer YAMATSU
Country of origin Gifu, Japan
Technique Mino Wares
Material Body: Porcelain
Handle: Stainless steel
Tea strainer: Stainless steel
Size Pot : W4.92 * D4.92 * H3.94 in. (W12.5 * D12.5 * H10 cm)
Cup : W2.76 * D2.76 * H2.56 in. (W7 * D7 * H6.5 cm)
Weight Pot : 0.99 lbs (450g)
Cup : 0.26lbs (120g)
Capacity Pot : 28.74 oz (850ml)
Cup : 6.09 oz (180ml)
Electronic Equipment Pot : Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : 〇 Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X
Cup : Microwave oven : 〇 Dishwashing machine : 〇 Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X
Note Do not use metal scrubbers or abrasive detergents.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)
YAMATSU area image


The sacred area is found in Toki City in Gifu Prefecture.

This area is located in the southeast part of the prefecture and has been one of the major transportation hubs since ancient times, surrounded by Kyoto, Nagano and Aichi.

The town is embedded among valleys which are treasure mines of high quality clay for pottery. Together with the plentiful water from the Toki River, the natural resources have allowed the craftsmen living here to create beautiful Minoware for 1300 years since the Heian Period.

Establishment of the Original Brand, Embracing 150 Years of Tradition

Shinzan Kiln Yamatsu is a pottery manufacturer established in the first year of the Meiji-Era. We mainly have produced tea sets for green tea including teapots and teacups since then.

Considering the transition of tea culture for ordinary people, we decided to establish an original brand combining traditional techniques with modern philosophy .

YAMATSU history image


New Traditional with Comfort

We adopted a new design of the edges which divided the teapot in half. The form is derived from the traditional iron kettle which casts the deep impression of Japanese tea.

The shape of the spout emerged from a tremendous number of experiments and verification.

YAMATSU feature image


Easy to Hold, Easy to Pour.

The large volume of the pot enables it to be actively used in family gatherings.

The concept is “teaware which travels the world.”

We are introducing a new enjoyment which classic teapots could not realize.

It has a beautiful form which you can enjoy even just as room decoration.

YAMATSU Image used

For Customers

Excellent Supporting Actor

We think we should reconsider tea culture in our daily lives, now that very few have traditional teawares at home.

Developing teawares which are tailored for modern lifestyle meets the noblest ends of preservation of the Japanese tea culture in our lives.

We are fully determined to create the new “TRADITIONAL” of teawares “which are used rather comfortably without any hesitation at home.” This is corresponding to our philosophy of bringing the tea culture to the next generation.

Pottery has enriched daily lives as an excellent supporting actor.

We at Yamatsu, as an outstanding maker of Minoware, will diligently bake “care” to bring bliss to people’s lives throughout Japan and the entire world.


2020 Red Dot Design Award

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