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600 companies dealt with

Organized over 1500 gifts

ARTISAN has over 1200 products.

Why choose ARTISAN for corporate gifting?

01 Gifts with Meaning

At ARTISAN, we believe that the message you want to convey with a gift is as important as the gift itself.

For many of the craftspeople we work with, the pieces they make come with added meaning and intentions traditional to Japanese culture; an association with good luck, prosperity or success, for example. These make ideal gifts to celebrate or memorialize a business event or milestone.

And we have extensive experience in matching the occasion and your budget to create a unique gift of Japanese traditional art and crafts. 

02 Something Truly Special

ARTISAN selects the very best products from producers at the very top of their craft. What better way to mark those important company and employee milestones than with a unique, exceptional piece of Japanese culture. Our long track record in corporate gifting means we know exactly what to recommend. Also, we offer personalization and traditional Japanese gift wrapping to create something truly memorable.

03 Excellent Aftercare

We understand that breakages and defects can be a concern both for you and the recipient of any gift. But you can rest assured that we always deal swiftly with any such problems and can replace items when required.

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    Get in touch

     Contact us by phone or the enquiry form - and we will get back to you within two working days.

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    Our Gift Recommendations

    We will make a selection of the most suitable items for your corporate gifting. Each one of our traditional Japanese products carries a particular cultural meaning and significance. We will explain all of these meanings, so you can make an informed choice.

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    We will be available to discuss any of our recommendations with you as you are making your final decision.

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    Placing Your Order

    Once you have settled on which gifts you would like, we will process your order. You can choose from a range of payment methods.

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    We will prepare your gifts for dispatch and deliver them exactly as and when you require.

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    You can rest assured that we always deal swiftly with any breakages or defects and will replace items when necessary.