FLOWER CRYSTAL (TEA) GUINOMI, Sake Cup, Kyoto Ware, Kiyomizu Ware

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Touan Yoshiaki Dobuchi
Yoshiaki Dobuchi

It is a "guidance" with a beautiful crystal glaze that looks like a gorgeous flower.

It is made slightly larger than the Inoguchi, and has a Tenmoku shape so that it is easy to drink. Please use it when you drink your favorite sake or other sake with a strong alcohol content.

Flower crystals are characterized by the beautiful pattern of flowers on the surface of the vessel.

Crystal glaze is a glaze that has the property of forming crystals in the process of melting and cooling in a kiln.

Among them, flower crystals are especially large, and various shapes appear.

One of the features is that you can't do the same thing as two, and it is a gem that you can enjoy various crystal shapes just for you.


Manufacturer Touan
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyoto-Kiyomizu Wares
Material Porcelain
Size Φ2.76" * H1.57" (Φ7.0 * H4.0 cm)
Weight 0.22 lbs (100 g)
Capacity 0 oz (ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : 〇, Dishwashing machine : 〇, Direct fire : X, IH : X, Oven : X
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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