WOOD TRAY (NATURAL) M, Jewelry Box, Jewelry Organizers, Edo Art Dolls

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Kakinuma Dolls Toko Kakinuma
Toko Kakinuma

Here comes an item that mixes Edo and Kyoto tastes!

”Kimekomi tray S size (4.13")” is made using techniques used to make a type of Japanese doll called "kimekominingyo". This gorgeous tray is made of a piece of Nishijin brocade that is used to dress Hina dolls.

You can pick from a large one and a small one with three different colors of fabrics, so you can choose your favorite combination and enjoy its beauty.

The frame of this tray has a very smooth and gentle finish.

It can also be placed upright, so when not in use as a tray, it can be enjoyed as an interior decoration!


Manufacturer Kakinuma Dolls
Country of origin Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Technique Edo Art Dolls
Material Pure silk, paulownia
Size M: W9.84" * D5.91" * H1.18" (M : W25.0 * D15.0 * H3.0 cm)
Weight 0.53 lbs (240 g)
Capacity 0 oz (ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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