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Osaka Suzuki Tatsuaki Imai
Tatsuaki Imai

Chihaya is a mug with a pattern resembling pine needles. The capacity is 300ml, which is an easy-to-use size.

Because it has high thermal conductivity, you can enjoy cold drinks such as beer and lemon sour even colder.

Tin is a metal that is resistant to rust and tarnish, and with proper care can maintain its shine for a long time. It is said that tin vessels absorb impurities from water and alcohol, eliminating unpleasant flavors and making it mellow.

The simple and profound design makes it the perfect gift for those who want to enjoy a slightly luxurious home drinking experience or for those who love drinking.


Manufacturer Osaka Suzuki
Country of origin Osaka, Japan
Technique Osaka Naniwa Pewter Ware
Material Tin
Size W2.95 * D2.95 * H3.94 in. (W7.5 * D7.5 * H10cm)
Weight 0.75 lbs(340g)
Capacity 10.14 oz(300ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave x, Dishwasher △, Oven x, Direct flame x, IH x
Note Can be personalized on the bottom
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)

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