INOX PETIT KNIFE AOMORI HIBA (G7 SUMMIT GIFT), Kitchen Chef Knife, Sakai Forged Blades

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TAKAHASHI KUSU Yusuke Takahashi
Yusuke Takahashi

This is a superb product made by craftsmen who wait a year for reservations.

The blade is made of high quality Swedish stainless steel, and the most attractive feature is that it is sharp and long-lasting.

The handle is made of Aomori Hiba , which has antibacterial properties and can be kept clean.

This knife is useful for fine work such as peeling and decorating vegetables and fruits, and is recommended for home use and pastry chefs.

A special sheath is also available as an option, which is useful for carrying.

Easy to sharpen and maintain, this is a sustainable product that will last until the end of time. It also makes a great gift.

The sharpness of the knife determines the taste of the food.

Please give it a try.


Country of origin Osaka, Japan
Technique Sakai Forged Blades
Material Steel: Swedish Steel, Handle: Aomori Hiba, Ring: Artificial Marble
Size 55.12 in. (140cm)
Weight 0.12 lbs(53g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment Dishwasher : X Dishdryer : X
Note Can be used as is without Honba-zuke. Because the blade is attached to the handle at high temperature, the upper surface of the handle may burn or crack, and black liquid may seep into the upper part of the handle. The name on the knife can be up to four characters in Chinese characters and katakana (either the family name or the first name).No returns will be accepted. As a rule, hiragana and languages other than Japanese are not accepted. Hiragana is available, but we cannot guarantee the quality. Please confirm the contents of the confirmation.Click here for confirmation.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)

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