PANSY CRYSTAL, Earrings, Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing

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Morphosphere Sachi Manabe
Sachi Manabe

You can put on a color of your choice—this is an accessory to meet with a color for a special occasion

This pair of pierced earrings from ‘tint’ series has a flower shape of a pansy, while they are dyed in turquoise blue tone by using the technique of hand-drawn yuzen-zome for handling delicate motif to achieve vivid colors. Their large bodies will perfectly match with your simple set up.

Unlike their large bodies, they are light and easy to wear—you can put them all day long without weariness.

Enjoy the vivid color of yuzen-zome to brighten up your mood!


Manufacturer Morphosphere
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing
Material Cotton, Polyester, 14kgf
Size W1.97 * D1.97 * Chain 1.97 in. (W5.0 * D5.0 * Chain 5.0 cm)
Weight 0 lbs (1g)
Capacity 0 oz (0ml)
Electronic Equipment Metal allergy compatible hardware.
Note Please refrain from washing in water, although it is water-repellent. If the garment is bent, please iron it with a medium temperature ironing cloth and stretch it. Do not pull strongly when putting on or taking off.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)

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